About Me
Hi, I am Miguel, The Traveling Trend Trader. 

I opened my first trading account in 1995 and with a few weeks of basic training I thought I was ready to trade! Within a month I blew my trading account! Realising my errors; no risk management, lack of knowledge... I still had a desire to succeed as a trader. I then enrolled in The Chartered Market Technician programme. Over the next two years I completed level I & II. During those two years I didn’t trade as I had no capital! I spent many, many hours studying charts and the course material. Then in 1997 I got a job as a technical analyst on a forex desk with a bank and so began the next chapter in my trading career. I traded forex and interest rates over the next 12 years and in 2009 I left the bank to do some traveling.

In 2004 my wife came up with this crazy idea of cycling from Cairo to Cape Town, at first I thought she was nuts, but soon liked the idea and over the next 7 years we started a few businesses and set ourselves up so that we could take the time off while still earning money.

In 2012 we did our cycle from Cairo to Cape Town and got hooked on cycle touring. Later that year we cycled around Thailand, the bug had bitten. Upon our return we sold our home in the city and moved to our beach house to set ourselves up as travelers. In 2013, after doing all that traveling the previous year, I was thinking about trading again, but now I wanted to trade as a private trader, so I could keep traveling. So began the next chapter of my trading career.

Miguel Teixeira
The Traveling Trend Trader
When I started I couldn’t really find my way and was trying different things from day trading to....who knows what. One thing that I had in my favour, that I had learnt from my previous experience, was that position sizing and risk management were very important, which meant the mistakes I was making, weren’t costing me much. For about 6 months I tried various things and then I came across a book on trend following and the idea resonated with me. In 2014 I joined The Dynamic Trader community and I am still a member today. With the training and mentorship I received it wasn’t long before I had found a way to trade that I was comfortable with and suited my lifestyle.
In August of 2014 while on a cycle trip from London to Lisbon I was doing 2 things that I really enjoy, traveling and trading the financial markets using a trend following approach and that is where the name “Traveling Trend Trader” comes from.
I have since learnt how to code trading systems and spend time doing research on new trading ideas, doing live broadcasts, writing blogs - all about trading of course and spending time in the DT community in between getting out on my bike and traveling.
If you would like to get your own trading career off the ground, then check out the training courses that The Dynamic Trader has to offer.
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